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Michael Jackson: Misunderstood
We miss him dearly.

The Man No One Took Time To Know
Michael Jackson was a very unique individual;this is agreed upon by many. The only problem is we never took the time to know him. The Michael Jackson the world knew was a superb entertainer who gave to various charities and displayed bizarre behavior. Our problem in this modern day society is we are so quick to judge those we find weaker than us and display them as bizarre individuals instead of valuing them for their differences.

Michael Jackson was labeled by tabloids as “wacko jacko” and given the reputation of irresponsible, immoral, child molester without a second thought. What we failed and most still fail to acknowledge is that Michael was a human being not simply a being. We made him “god-like” in our eyes yet deemed him evil. It was and is still assumed that the man was supposed to be flawless. This is not the case. As a human being Michael is entitled to his mistakes, his feelings, his flaws. No man is immune to society’s judgment but none have had to deal with it on his level.

During the molestation trials the media pronounced him guilty before obtaining the whole story or he went to trial. No one believed he was innocent and strayed from the facts. The truth is Michael was not like any of us. His mentality was different in the sense that he had an innocent way of thinking. Things which seem inappropriate to us was acceptable to Michael. An example is the controversial sharing your bed with a child. Society teaches us this is wrong no matter the circumstance. If any child other than your own sleeps in your bed, it is wrong; however to Michael this was not so. It was never sexual for him. Society to this day is not able to fathom that thought.

Instead of seeing him as a loving, pure individual society made him a monster not worthy of the pleasures of all human beings. Any woman who married Michael were clearly out of their mind as Diane Sawyer made clear in her interview with Lisa Marie Presley after the divorce. Diane repeatedly says “Michael Jackson? Why Michael Jackson?” The question should be “Why not Michael?” He was not an alien from space or a different species. He was a strong yet broken man who was trying to make the most of his life and share his love.

Of all the hatred which was directed toward him, all he seemed to give was understanding and love. He defended himself without lashing back at those who attacked him. He gave his all to those who were suffering and less fortunate. He was not only a great entertainer but also an extraordinary humanitarian. Even in death, he continues to give to charities as well as providing for his children.

It is now which people choose to understand the man who we have taken for granted. What we do not understand presently is, it is too late. The wacko the tabloids have labeled is in fact the gentle soul who could not survive our harsh judgments. He is the man who was, perhaps, the loneliest individual who has ever lived. As the Reba McEntire song states, Michael Jackson is “the greatest man we never knew.”
By songbird1018

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